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Pet sitter jobs all over Germany

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What is a dog sitter or cat sitter doing?

Whether it is a walking service, feeding visits or providing loving holiday care for dogs or cats – that is what dog sitters and cat sitters do. These are the services you could offer on Tierio:

Walkie-service or dog-walking
Check-in visits for your pet to feed and play with
Full- and half-day care for dogs and cats
Night care for dogs and cats
Dog hotel or cat boarding

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You receive the full payment directly from the pet owners you work for. There is no agency fee charged to you. The service we offer is completely cost-free for you.

You determine your wage based on your qualification and experience
You do not pay any fee or commission
Employment is possible as a mini-job or on account

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Large selection of pet sitting jobs throughout Germany.
Fair payment without a commission or fees. You can use our platform completely free of charge.
Easy to start: Create a pet sitter profile in 5 minutes.
As a pet sitter, you can work independently and flexibly with animals and have fun.

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